Financing for international trade

S-International specialists can provide you with expert advice on the most suitable instruments for financing your imports and exports. A general overview is provided here.

Forms of financing

S-International specialists can develop financing packages tailored to your specific business needs.

Financing of supplier credit

As an exporter, you ship capital and other goods to countries around the world. Typically, you agree due dates for payment with importers based in other countries. We can finance the amounts owed to you for these payment periods. For German exporters, cover is often available from the German federal government (Hermes cover).

Buyer’s credit

In the case of buyer’s credit, an amount is agreed between ourselves and the foreign-based buyer or their bank for payment to the exporter prior to shipment of goods. The amount is transferred after the receipt of relevant documents from the exporter.


With forfaiting, you sell your medium- and long-term export receivables to us, improving your liquidity. And you make the export sale without recourse, i.e. with no liability regarding the importer's possible default on the receivables. Your receivables are backed by a letter of credit, bank guarantee or avalized bill of exchange.


Factoring entails selling your receivables to safeguard your liquidity. Typically, we agree a long-term contract covering all your receivables.

International leasing

Take advantage of our leasing expertise – for your European expansion plans, for the roll-out of your business model to other countries, or for relocating your production operations.