Bank guarantees

There are many diverse risks associated with cross-border transactions. A bank guarantee assures your business partner that you can make a promised payment.

Direct guarantees

A direct contractual guarantee strengthens your credibility. A direct guarantee is a one-sided contract between ourselves as your bank and your business partner. We guarantee to pay an agreed amount to your partner should you not fulfill your contractual obligations.

Indirect guarantees

An indirect guarantee involves a foreign-based bank. In this case, if you do not fulfill your contractual obligations, we, as your bank, pay the agreed amount to the payee’s foreign-based bank. Indirect guarantees are typically employed for transactions with entities in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Common forms of guarantee

  • Bid bond – serves to underline the seriousness of your bid.
  • Advance payment bond – ensures reimbursement of any advance payments.
  • Performance bond – ensures the beneficiary receives a guaranteed amount in the event of non-fulfillment of contractual duties.
  • Warranty bond - ensures that the seller complies with their obligations in the event of faults occurring within the warranty period.