Our pledge

Are you looking to successfully position your business in a new market? Are you planning to take your enterprise international? Are you looking to improve your company’s financing?

What you can expect from us:

  • Professional, personalized advice tailored to your business’s specific imperatives.
  • Made-to-measure solutions, irrespective of volume and quantity.
  • Access to banking services and advice in more than 100 countries.
  • Rapid, reliable, secure and simple payments processing.
  • Attractive charges.
  • Continuity of service.
  • Fresh impetus for your international business activities and investment plans.

Key questions

How is your international business organized? Your answers help us to better understand your enterprise, and to develop tailor-made solutions to your needs and goals.

  • Do you have international sites?
  • In what regions of the world do you have business relationships, and what terms of payment have you agreed?
  • Do you have tailor-made financing that improves your liquidity?
  • Do you already sell your export receivables in order to improve your liquidity?
  • Do you facilitate access to financing for your trading partners?
  • How do you manage your payments with international trading partners?
  • What role does foreign exchange play in your activities?
  • Do you intend entering further sales or procurement markets?
  • Which banks do you use for your international business transactions?